Wire Products

Bale Ties and Strapping Wire

In our single-loop bale ties, we use only North American wire. We have sizes available from 11ga - 15ga and in lengths from 8ft - 24ft. We are also a major distributor of galvanized and black annealed strapping wire. Choose between coiled on stands or 100lb boxes (36 boxes / pallet). Pacific Wire Group offers custom made Bale Tie Machines, as well.


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Pre-tied Suspended Ceiling Wire with Clips ( including tight Hospital Ties)

We manufacture pre-tied suspended ceiling wire up to 24’ in length with both a standard wrap (3 turns in under 3 inches) and a tight Hospital Tie wrap (4 wraps in under 1 inch). We can manufacture these with a variety of clip types, including gas and powder actuated fasteners.

Wreath Frames

Our wire wreath rings are second to none when it comes to strength and quality! Whether you are buying a single box or in bulk we have the supply to fill your needs. We offer bulk wreath forms to fit any quantity requirements.


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Agricultural Products

We manufacture a wide variety of sod and ground staples used to secure erosion control blankets, jute and coconut matting, drip lines, fencing, etc. We stock sod staples in bright basic (uncoated), galvanized steel, and premium fuse bonded vinyl coated for easy removal without tearing the fabric. Stock gauges range from 12 Ga to 8 Ga.

Construction and Concrete Products

We produce rebar forms, reinforcements, steel spirals, coils, custom grids, and other heavy steel products for the construction and concrete industry. We have done rebar forming in squares and circular spirals and coils.


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Displays and Decorative Forms

We can bring a wire prototype to full production runs within minutes with our 3D CNC wire forming capability. We have made display fixtures for retail and the food industry. We also love making decorative wire forms for an economical and elegant touch in both exterior and interior designs.