Production Machinery

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Bale Tie Machines

Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, our Single-Loop Bale Tie Machines are built to automatically run out a programmable length of high tensile strength wire and tie a strong knot. Each unit comes fully customized to fit YOUR production needs.

Pacific Wire Group stands by our products. With our knowledgeable service staff, we can get any issue fixed with minimal down time!

  • Straight and Cut

  • Single Loop Bale Tie

  • Sizes: 11.5 Ga.- 15 Ga.

  • Touch-screen Operation

  • Custom Machine Lengths (Optional Add-On)

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Hanger Wire Machines

Hanger wire machines are designed to produce a tight wrap (hospital tie) of wire for suspending acoustical ceiling or lighting. These machines can be configured to produce the wraps around any type of clip or bracket, including clips with fasteners already inserted.