Pre-tied Hospital Tie Clips

Our “hospital tie” pre-tied suspended ceiling wires with clips are an upgrade over the standard pre-tied suspended ceiling wires. Also known as a “tight wrap”, our hospital ties can provide over 5 full wraps in under one inch. ASTM C636 requires three full wraps within 3 inches, but USG asserts that even three full wraps in a tight wrap (under 1”) increase the holding capacity of the wrap by 30%. -USG Jurisdictions at risk of increased seismic activity may even require 4 full wraps, so check your local codes!

Our pre-tied ceiling wires can be ordered on a wide variety of clips to suit your needs. All of our pre-tied ceiling wires comply with ASTM A641-92. Gas or powder actuated fasteners are available to fit many manufacturers of tools, including: Ramset, Hilti, and Simpson tool sets.

A small selection of clips that we have available are:

  • Ramset SDC-125

  • Ramset SDC-100

  • AC-90 Clips

  • AB-90 Clips

  • SP45 Clips

  • Many More, Call or e-mail inquiries