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Bale Ties, Ceiling Hanger Wire, Sod Staples, and More!


Here at Pacific Wire Group we provide our customers with a cost effective solution to your manufacturing needs.

We specialize in supplying:

 -Bale Ties

 -Ceiling Hanger Wire

 -Sod Staples

 -Wire Clips


 -Agricultural Wire Products

 -Wire Wickets

 -Bag Supports


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Bale Ties


We take Bale Ties so seriously, that we build our own custom Bale Tie Machines. This allows us to control the quality of the knots, accuracy of the length , and verify the counts; all at the touch of a button. Contact Us for details in purchasing your very own!


All bundles are individually stretch-wrapped and labelled with your company name. Each pallet is then strapped to ensure your bale ties are delivered undamaged and intact.


Does your company use bar-codes? Let us know and we will add the bar-code to your personalized label.


Sod Staples


At Pacific Wire Group we provide a simple solution to your ground securing needs. At Pacific Wire Group our sod staples are available in many different wire sizes or gauges, and lengths.

We offer two of our most common sizes in our Online Store.

Want your sod staple to last? We offer staples in galvanized wire as well as raw wire.


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